Sep 282014

bransonThis is a guest blog post from Winter Vee of “The Millionaire Brain

What if I told you that today you walked past $27 in nickels, dimes and quarters that you didn’t notice.

Odds are, that if you walked to work. That actually happened according to a recent analysis.

Now,  that means that if you picked up every coin you ever missed out on in the past 30 years…. you would have an extra $295,887 dollars by now!

If EVERYONE in your extended family was doing it to you would have 2.9 million dollars!

Now, I don’t recommend you spend all day looking for coins.

But I do recommend you learn something from that

Money is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes.

It’s quite shocking when you really open your eyes and realize quite how much money is right under your nose.

The way to open your eyes isn’t to glue then to the ground, looking for pennies. It is about developing a positive and pro-active money consciousness. To develop positive beliefs about money and you ability to earn and acquire it.

This is the difference between you and these millionaires and entrepreneurs – they think in money, and they attract it to themselves!

Take a look at this video – It’s called the millionaire brain and I explain more about how the rich think, and how you can too, to attract money into your life:

Millionaire Brain Video – Watch Online Now



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