Approach Anxiety (for Women) Positive Affirmations


Do you ever find yourself so nervous to approach an attractive man that it actually stops you from taking the action you truly desire? It’s so sad to think that this could actually be the man of your dreams, and even though your rational mind might say “what’s there to lose?”, some deeper part of you freezes up, turns to stone, and prevents you from simply walking up and saying hello!

These affirmations will help you smash through this internal barrier and give you the mindset needed to approach men with confidence, ease, and most importantly FUN! With just a simple shift in your thought processes and beliefs, you can become the kind of woman that feels positive and outgoing and totally comfortable walking up to any man, introducing yourself, and kicking off a great conversation.

A great time to recite these affirmations would be just before heading out for an evening of socializing, or you could even memorize one or two of them (these will be your power affirmations) and say them to yourself a couple of times right before walking up to an attractive man. This will really help psyche you up and overcome anything holding you back.

Simply say the affirmations, acknowledge your fear, and then just go for it!

Present Tense Affirmations
I always approach a man without hesitation
Men like it when I approach them
I confidently strike up conversations with attractive men
I am calm and relaxed
I acknowledge my fear and do it anyway
I make sure to have fun no matter what happens
I am always positive and outgoing
I approach attractive men with ease
Men find me interesting and attractive
I am confident enough to approach any man


Future Tense Affirmations
I will approach attractive men
I will just go for it
I am finding it easier to relax and meet new men
Men will like the fact that I am confident enough to approach them
I will maintain a positive and outgoing attitude
I will relax and enjoy myself no matter what happens
I will constantly improve my approach skills
Approaching men will become easier and easier
I am becoming a super positive and outgoing person
My friends will be jealous of how many men I meet


Natural Affirmations
Approaching men comes naturally to me
I enjoy meeting new men
I can relax and just let the situation flow naturally
Talking and flirting with men is fun and exciting
I am just always positive and outgoing
The most important thing is that I have fun
I am naturally fearless when it comes to meeting new men
I will confidently walk up to any man that interests me
Others are amazed at my level of confidence and positivity
Men are attracted to my confidence

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