Arachnophobia Positive Affirmations


These Arachnophobia Positive Affirmations will help you shed your fear of spiders so that you can live a normal, carefree life.

An anxiety around spiders can range from mildly bothersome to downright immobilizing. And while some spiders do present danger, an overwhelming fear of them is unfounded and unhealthy. You can take back control of your life so that you don’t squirm at the very thought of them or suffer from angst at the idea of traveling to areas where they are prevalent.

Begin your journey to accepting spiders as just another part of life rather than as something to be feared, by reciting these affirmations regularly!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am calm around spiders
I accept spiders as just a normal part of life
I am cured of arachnophobia
I feel safe near spiders
My mind is always clear and relaxed
I am in control around spiders
I am free to live a normal life
I can think about spiders calmly
I am fearless
I have a calm life


Future Tense Affirmations
I am beginning to like spiders
I will overcome my arachnophobia
I will learn to see spiders in a positive light
I will live a life free from fear of spiders
I will remain calm around spiders
I will enjoy thinking about spiders
I will stay in control around spiders
I will feel safe around spiders
I will lead a carefree life
I am becoming more and more relaxed


Natural Affirmations
Spiders are a harmonious part of nature
Spiders are neat
Thinking about spiders is easy
My arachnophobia has disappeared
My life is calm
I live a fearless life
I can easily calm myself down
I have perfect control over my reaction to spiders
Spiders are fun to watch
Spiders are actually kind of silly

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Recommended Arachnophobia Resources

Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders Cure Subliminal: If your fear of spiders is keeping you from enjoying all areas of life, this album will help you cure your phobia. Listen to it regularly to retrain the way your mind views spiders. You will be amazed at just how different your mind will feel and how much more relaxed and at ease you will be around spiders.

Fear of Spiders Hypnosis: This hypnosis album works on three levels to help you overcome arachnophobia. It changes how you think of spiders, changes your reaction to spiders instinctively, and stops you from reacting emotionally to spiders.

Stop Your Worrying Subliminal: If your fear of spiders has you worrying constantly, this album will teach you to how to let go of unfounded concerns. It will help you see situations in a more positive light so that you can let go of anxiety and stress around spiders.