Be A Better Friend Positive Affirmations


Being a good friend is not only good for your social experience, it’s also important for your livelihood and personal happiness. You don’t have to be a social butterfly, you just need to know that you have friends who are there for you.

It takes more than just pledging your friendship to being a good friend; you have to let your friends know that you’re there for them, let them be there for you, know the difference between the times to act and the times to encourage. Friendships can be fragile, and if they’re not handled properly they’re over before they’ve started. They also require a lot of time and patience, a lot of care for them to grow. Nurture your friendship properly and make sure you’re being the best friend you can be.

A true friend is invaluable.
If you feel that you’re not quite reaching the bar of compatability that’s necessary for a sustainable friendship, try these positive affirmations. You’ll be forming bonds with your friends that you didn’t know were achievable as long as you open yourself up to the tenderness of friendship and all it has to offer.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great friend
I listen to my friends
I pay attention to their needs
I am reliable
I connect well with others
I am myself when I’m with my friends
I am honest
I own up to my faults
I am thoughtful
I am always open to making new friends


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be respectful
I will give good advice
I will be there when my friends need me
I will be forgiving
I will stop being selfish
I am becoming a steady friend
I will be happy at my friend’s success
I will stop being jealous
I will look out for the both of us
I will guard our friendship carefully


Natural Affirmations
I naturally have my friends’ backs
I make an effort to be with my friends
I simply enjoy our time together
I am naturally patient and loyal
I just know what to say and when to say it
Others see me as a reliable friend
I am simply myself when I’m with friends
I am naturally understanding
I am simply supportive of my friends
I love spending time with my friends



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Recommended Tools For Becoming A Better Friend

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See Good In People Subliminal: It’s hard to make friends when you’re constantly seeing bad in others. Changing your mindset to see the good in people will only make it that much easier to enjoy time with others. You won’t get anywhere always being a downer; check out this subliminal and see the best in others.

The Pillars of a Solid Friendship: This free online article provides the perfect amount of information on how to be a good friend. It has strong ideas and fantastic advice for those who seek to build better friendships, and the website itself has all sorts of articles on self-improvement. Check it out, you’ll find it very helpful and easy to understand.