Be More Romantic Positive Affirmations


For many people, being romantic does not come naturally. As more people seem to expecting romance in their relationship it can become difficult for some to achieve this. However, becoming more romantic, even if romance does not come naturally to you, is easier than you may think.

Be more romantic positive affirmations are the perfect way to get more romance back into your relationship. By using them at least once a day they are able to open your mind to romantic opportunities and allow you to become more aware when these are available.

Positive affirmations are simply short, snappy quotes that can be repeated to gain a desired effect. They are able to target the subconscious mind with the idea being that the affirmations will soon become part of your everyday thinking. Once they have been incorporated into your everyday life you will soon begin to see changes.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more romantic every day
I can easily see when romantic situations will arise
I can think of new romantic gestures
Romance helps me show my partner how much I love them
I am not ashamed to be romantic
Romance improves my relationship
Being romantic makes my partner happier
I can naturally be romantic
I enjoy having more romance in my relationship
Romance helps to bring positivity to my relationship


Future Tense Affirmations
My relationship will benefit from more romance
I will learn to recognise romantic situations more easily
I will show my love for my partner more through romance
I find that I become more romantic every day
I will become more romantic
I will become less embarrassed to be romantic
I am transforming into somebody who is naturally romantic
I will begin to find it easier to think of romantic gestures
Romance will make my relationship more spontaneous
The more romantic I am, the more appreciated I will become


Natural Affirmations
My partner is pleased that I am becoming more romantic
I enjoy being romantic
Being romantic is easy
My relationship is my top priority
My romantic gestures make my partner happy
Being romantic is the most natural thing in the world
Others envy my close relationship
Becoming more romantic has improved my life
I am a naturally romantic individual
I am happier in my relationship since becoming more romantic

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Recommended Tools to Increase Romance in your Relationship

Be More Romantic Subliminal: The positive affirmations found in this album are specifically able to help you with romance. Using this album can help your relationship become more spontaneous and passionate so can improve it dramatically

Improve Confidence Hypnosis: This album is an extremely good choice for those who can easily think of romantic gestures but are simply too shy to carry them out. Confidence is an extremely important factor for making a relationship work so by improving this you could easily improve romantic communication towards your partner

Be More Romantic Subliminal: This mp3 can help you become more romantic by reducing self-consciousness, allowing you to become more creative and causing you to become more aware of what makes your partner happy. It can be listened to at any point in the day so is an extremely convenient way to become more romantic