Happy Relationship Positive Affirmations


Here are your happy relationship affirmations, they will help you to build the necessary positive and loving energy required to nurture a truly happy and healthy relationship.

Developing a happy relationship is a delicate dance between doing everything in your power to make yourself happy and positive, while simultaneously growing the love between you your partner and making your relationship a top priority in your life. It is truly a symbiotic relationship that requires you to occupy two spaces at once, that of yourself and your relationship. But this balance can be more easily achieved by using these free positive affirmations to grow vibrant and loving energy within yourself that will spill over into your relationship and allow it to grow and blossom to its fullest potential!

So start with these affirmations right away, read them over and choose your favorites to work with on a daily basis. When you have 3 or 4 chosen, write them down and make an agreement with yourself that you will find some time once or twice a day to recite them to yourself, knowing that you are going that extra mile to ensure a happy, loving, and wonderful relationship between you and your partner!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am building a happy relationship
I am dedicated to my partner
I am able to balance my own needs with the needs of my partner
I am happy and confident within myself
I deeply respect and cherish my partner
Making my partner happy is important to me
I am full of positive loving energy
I always bring positivity to my relationship
I communicate honestly and lovingly
I am overflowing with love and gratitude for my relationship


Future Tense Affirmations
I will do everything in my power to build a happy relationship
I will remain dedicated to my partner
Each day I am happier and happier in my relationship
The love I feel for my partner is growing exponentially
My partner will appreciate the respect and consideration I give
I will express myself honestly and openly
I will let my partner know how much I love them
I will honor my relationship deeply
My relationship is becoming healthier and happier
Others will notice what a great relationship I have


Natural Affirmations
I deserve to have a happy relationship
There is a deep and profound love between my partner and I
Having a happy relationship is just a normal part of my life
I always express respect and love for my partner
Having a happy relationship is one of my top priorities
My partner and I are just naturally tuned in to each other
I am overflowing with gratitude for my happy relationship
I will nourish the love between my partner and I
My relationship is naturally healthy and happy
My partner and I are deeply happy together

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