Become a Photographer Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations will help you to become a photographer. They will help you to develop a natural photographers eye, expand your artistic awareness, and solidify your commitment and dedication to photography. A simple shift in your core thought processes is all it takes!

This set of affirmations has been designed to wire your mind for highly creative and skilled photographic skills. You will notice that you gain an intuition for getting that perfect shot, ideas and inspiration will seem to flow naturally, and you will feel much more driven and passionate about developing your photographic talent.

Here they are, we invite you to start with them right away by choosing a few that really inspire you and making them your own. Use them every day and you will become a great photographer!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an excellent photographer
I always take the perfect shot
I express myself through my photography
My photographs are extremely creative
I am committed to developing my photography skills
I always know how to get the right shot
I capture the beauty of life with my camera
I take amazing pictures
My photographic timing is perfect
I have a sharp photographers eye


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a photographer
I am becoming naturally aware of great photographic opportunities
The quality of my photographs is improving
I will express myself through photography
My photographic skills are growing
I will take great photographs
I will develop a knack for capturing special moments in time
I will create beautiful art with my camera
People are beginning to notice what a great photographer I am
I will work hard to develop my photographic eye


Natural Affirmations
Photography comes naturally to me
Photography is my life
I love taking pictures
I can become a great photographer
I know how to get the perfect shot
Small photographic details are important to me
Being a great photographer is my life calling
Being creative with my camera feels natural and easy
I can capture the beauty of life through the lens of my camera
Photography allows me to express my deepest self



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