Become an Artist Positive Affirmations


True artists think differently, because it takes a special mindset, something beyond the ordinary, to be able to interpret life and express it in a highly creative and skillful way. These positive affirmations have been designed to help you achieve this mindset, they will help you become an artist.

More so than almost any other activity, your art is a direct reflection of your state of mind, your self confidence, and your capacity for intuitive expression and understanding. If you use these positive affirmations regularly, they will cause a noticeable change in your artistic abilities. You will become someone who naturally feels and expresses in an artistic manner, understands the artistic significance of everyday happenings, and is totally dedicated to and focused on art.

Start now, expand your mind, and take your art to the next level!

Present Tense Affirmations
My art is beautiful
I am an extremely talented artist
I am focused on my art
My creativity is boundless
My mind is always thinking creatively
I am completely dedicated to my art
I am always noticing the artistic side of life
I express my feelings and emotions through art
My mind is wired for artistic expression
I translate life into art


Future Tense Affirmations
I will create great art
I will become a brilliant artist
I am starting to feel more and more creative
My artistic skills are growing stronger
I am becoming more dedicated to my art
I am starting to see the artistic potential in everyday occurrences
I am developing the mind of a true artist
I will create beautiful works of art
I will capture the beauty of life in my art
I will creatively express the deeper meanings of life


Natural Affirmations
I live for art
I am a natural born painter
I can become a great artist
I love being creative and expressing myself
Being an artist is the most important thing in my life
Making great art is something I just do naturally
Being highly creative and artistic is just my normal everyday life
My mind is constantly coming up with new ideas
I eat, breathe, and live art
I can touch people’s souls with the power of my art



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Recommended Tools to Become an Artist

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