Become Natural With Women Positive Affirmations


Many guys have a problem getting women and this leads them to learn about pick-up, which has them learning all these lines, routines and scripts in order to get women.

These routines obviously work however they can take ages to learn and many guys just end up coming off as social robots, meaning that their real personality doesn’t shine through and they come across as weird and creepy.

The best thing to do in order to attract women is to become a natural. A natural doesn’t need to use any memorized lines and routines and doesn’t need to do things like magic tricks to attract a hot woman.

A natural just gets women, they know how to act around women and they can go to a party and know that they are going to bring a gorgeous woman home.

If you want to be amazing with women and don’t want to have to spend years memorizing lines then repeat the affirmations on this page on a daily basis and you will become a natural with women in no time.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a natural with women
I am confident around women
I am entitled to nothing but the best
Who I am is enough
Women are naturally attracted to me
I am relaxed around women
I am a positive thinker
I am always surrounded by beautiful women
I am able to attract women just by being myself
I easily pick-up on the subtle attraction signals women give out


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more natural with women
Each day I am becoming more aware of the attraction signals women give out
I will always be surrounded by beautiful women
I will be able to attract women without being inside my head
I will alway think positively
I will naturally attract women
Each day I am becoming more relaxed around beautiful women
I am turning into a man women want to be around
I am getting more confident by the day
I will be able to attract women just by being myself


Natural Affirmations
Attracting women comes naturally to me
Being with a beautiful woman is my rite
Women are attracted to my natural personality
Others see me as a natural with women
Confidence is something I was born with
I always know what to say to a woman
Being able to know when to make my move comes naturally to me
Being a natural with women has made my life amazing
I always love meeting new women
I have a high level of self-confidence and women can sense that

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