Fear of Rejection With Women Positive Affirmations


One of the biggest things stopping guys from having success with women is the fear of being rejected.

This will lead to many guys waiting around for the right moment to make their move and ask a girl out on a date but this right moment never ends up coming and they just end up in the friend zone.

If you want success with women then you need to be not scared of being rejected as it’s only when you don’t fear rejection when you will be able to approach that girl that catches your eye and impress her with your true self.

The positive affirmations will allow you to overcome your fear of being rejected by women. By repeating them every single day, eventually you will notice that making your move no longer scares you and your love life will be better than ever.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am fearless of rejection
I am someone who approaches a woman I like even though I may be feeling a bit scared
I am naturally good with women
I am a naturally cool person and women love me
I am confident with who I am
I am someone who always goes after what they want
I find it easy to talk to women
I can accept rejection without letting it get me down
I just naturally do what I want to do and don’t let fear hold me back
I am always calm and relaxed


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more fearless of rejection each day
I will become a man who can easily make a move without worry
I am finding myself more confident by the day
I am turning into someone who is naturally good with women
Everyday I am becoming more confident around women
I will develop a carefree attitude towards rejection
I will only think of the positives of making a move
Approaching women is becoming easier
I am transforming into someone women love
Taking risks with women is becoming easier and easier


Natural Affirmations
Approaching women comes naturally to me
I find making a move easy
Being rejected by a woman doesn’t even cross my mind
Having a great love life is something I am entitled too
I always confront my fears
Talking to women is the easiest thing in the world
Women love how calm and confident I am
People see me as someone who is good with women
Being carefree has always been something I am
Taking risks is the most natural thing in the world

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Recommended Tools to Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection With Women

Fear of Rejection Subliminal: Having a little fear of rejection is something that we all have however it becomes a problem when it starts affecting the quality of your life. Being scared of rejection can hold you back in your love life and your professional life, so if you are scared of rejection then give this subliminal a try. It will help you by re-wiring your mind so rejection is no longer a problem for you, instead you will go after what you want and being rejected wont even cross your mind.

Approach Anxiety Hypnosis:  If you are scared too approach a woman you find attractive then you have approach anxiety. All men have some approach anxiety, it’s a natural thing to have however it becomes a problem when you give into it and decide to keep on walking instead of approaching that hot woman like you wanted too. This hypnosis audio will help you to eliminate your fear of approaching women, it will send you messages that transform the way you think, making approaching women a natural and easy task for you.

Attract Women Subliminal: To be happy in life there are many areas you need to focus on and one very important one happens to be love. Love is the area most guys find hard to get handled because they just simply have no idea to go about attracting a woman. This subliminal will help any guy who wishes to become better with women by re-wiring his brain so he thinks in a positive way and give him the confidence he needs to attract plenty of women.

How To Overcome The Fear of Rejection: Learn how you can change the way you view rejection in order to overcome your fear of it and increase your success with women.