BMX Skills Positive Affirmations


BMX is a high-intensity sport that requires a lot of skill, patience, and practice. As many would tell you, BMX is not for the faint at heart, which is why acquiring a high mental capacity for the sport is essential for one who has equally high goals of performing well.

These affirmations will take raise your level of BMX skill to the height you so desire, whether that’s just doing tricks to impress your friends or becoming a professional motocross athlete. Focusing on your specific technique is a matter of enhancing your skills to the best they can be.

Similar to any extreme sport, BMX demands a lot of attention and a ton of practice. Even if you don’t feel the least bit unsure of your physical abilities when you’re on your bike, you’ll find these affirmations incredibly helpful.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a strong BMX athlete
Bicycle motocross is my passion
I love doing tricks on my bike
I land all of my tricks
I know how to perform well on my bike
I have well-defined skills for motocross
I can expand on my tricks with ease
I enjoy being on my bike
I welcome the challenge of learning new tricks
I perform well under pressure


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be a great BMX athlete
I pick up new skills with every practice
I will focus more on BMX
I will perform to my best abilities
I will study my technical movements to improve
I am becoming more focused
I will always set my sights high
I will embrace the challenge BMX has for me
I will push myself to perform better
I will focus on landing more tricks


Natural Affirmations
I naturally know how to adjust my body on my bike
I’m a natural at balancing on my bike
I am proud of myself when I land a trick
I know when to push myself
Others see me as a skilled BMX athlete
I have raw talent for BMX
Being on my bike is the most natural thing in the world
I am intuitively focused on my technique
BMX is a major part of my life
I have extraordinary coordination

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Recommended Tools For Improving Your BMX Skills

BMX Training Aid Subliminal: Enhance your BMX skills even more with this training aid subliminal. Hone in your BMX skills and increase your level of talent to well beyond your conceived potential with this powerful subliminal.

Improve Concentration Hypnosis: Concentration is crucial for any undertaking you wish to approach, which is why it is especially important for riding motocross. Boosting your concentration will allow you to pay close attention to the fine details of your body when you’re on your bike so you can make the adjustments and polish off your tricks.

Self Motivation Subliminal: A lot of training and hard work goes into becoming a great motocross athlete, and being self-motivated will only improve your skill. This subliminal will give you the motivation you crave while providing you with better results on your bike and a stronger desire to practice.