Skateboarding Skills Positive Affirmations


Skateboarding is all about keeping your knees steady, properly distributing your weight, and maintaining balance on the board. It’s also about keeping your eye on the prize, not giving up, and staying positive in areas of your own development as a skateboarder.

Keeping your mind acute to the details of your skateboarding will dramatically improve your all-around skill. Focusing on these positive affirmations will increase your developmental mindset to top-notch and allow you to effortlessly ascend to the level of skill you so desire.

If you’re having trouble landing those new tricks, aiming to enter a competition, or just wanting to get out there on your board, start off on the right foot and begin by reciting these affirmations on a regular basis.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am talented at skateboarding
I am aware of my surroundings when I’m on my board
Skateboarding comes easily to me
I am confident with my abilities to carve and stop
I am broadening my array of tricks with every practice
I am always focused on the trick I’m performing
I am devoted to enhancing my skills
I pick up tricks easily
I have the proper weight distribution on my board at all times
I am always balanced on my board


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a better skateboarder
I will stay focused even when I fall
I will nail every trick I perform
I will practice at every possible opportunity
My knees are becoming more steady with every practice
I will learn new tricks more efficiently
I will improve my skills of riding ramps and slopes
I am becoming more relaxed on my board
My stops and turns will become smoother
I will stay concentrated on my board no matter what


Natural Affirmations
I am seen as a skateboarder who always performs well
Skateboarding will always be my passion
I feel accustomed on the board
Landing a trick is the most natural feeling in the world
My balance is always perfect
Staying balanced on the board is natural for me
Skateboarding is my natural rite
I am myself when I’m on my skateboard
People see me as a talented skateboarder
I have raw, natural talents for skateboarding

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Recommended References to Advance Your Skateboarding

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Self Discipline Subliminal: Letting yourself get away with giving up or not landing a trick that you should have perfected is inexcusable in the world of sports. Skateboarding requires much self-discipline, since much of it is done individually. This subliminal will guide you in controlling yourself and your passion towards skateboarding.