Snowboarding Skills Positive Affirmations


Snowboarding is a fantastic sport that leaves very little margin for mistakes. If you wish to abolish all possible errors from your snowboarding skills, it is vital that you develop the proper mindset so you can be ready-to-go on the slopes.

Racing, snowboarding freestyle, and free-riding can all be great fun yet terribly challenging out on the snow. You have to train your mind if you want to successfully carve, sideslip, traverse, and stop safely. Having your mind in the sport as well as your body will make you that much better a snowboarder.

It’s necessary that you are confident with your physical talent, and these affirmations will assist you in your quest to exceed your own expectations when you’re on your board. Keep your mind moving with the same energy as your body with these affirmations designed for honing in on your snowboarding skills.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great snowboarder
I am a fast learner when it comes to snowboarding
I can traverse, glide, and sideslip with ease
I am excellent at keeping my balance
My snowboarding abilities are finely-tuned
I enjoy being out on the slopes
My weight transfers are smooth
I am able to stand back up after I fall
I stay focused on my body form
I readily learn new techniques


Future Tense Affirmations
I will practice hard
I will dedicate my time to snowboarding
I will pay more attention to my landings
I will improve my balance with every run
I will work on perfecting my technique
I will always find inspiration to stay out on the snow
I will refine all of my tricks
I will always give snowboarding my all
I will always make new goals for myself
I am becoming a more talented snowboarder


Natural Affirmations
Snowboarding comes easily to me
I am a natural snowboarder
I was born to snowboard
Staying balanced comes automatically to me
Snowboarding is perfect for me
I belong out on the snow
Good snowboarding technique is instinctive to me
Landing a trick feels natural
I quickly pick up new tricks
I have a natural awareness of my surroundings on the slopes

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Recommended Tools to Help Your Snowboarding

Snowboarding Training Subliminal: Focus on your snowboarding technique with this subliminal made specifically for snowboarding. It will guide you in your balance and your confidence out on the snow so you can perform those top-notch tricks in no time at all.

Improve Confidence Hypnosis: Confidence, or a lack thereof, can make or break a snowboarder. Confidence out on the slopes will allow you to extend your abilities to a completely new level. Being sure of yourself will enable you to believe in yourself and develop your abilities to the best they can be.

Become More Competitive Subliminal: A healthy appetite for competition will only improve your snowboarding to the next level. Whether your looking to compete or not, becoming more competitive will fuel your drive to perform better on your snowboard and give you motivation to never stop learning new tricks.