Boxing Positive Affirmations


A large component of boxing involves being mentally prepared and aware in addition to maintaining top form. These boxing affirmations will help sharpen your mind so that your physical abilities can flourish.

All boxers encounter tough opponents in the ring. How a boxer deals with them is what separates the really great boxers from the rest. These affirmations will help you maintain confidence before you enter the ring with any competitor, and keep you keenly focused under any amount of pressure.

Practice these affirmations regularly to hone your boxing skills, improve your focus, and build serious confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be ducking punches and throwing knockouts better than you ever imagined!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great boxer
I win boxing competitions
My punches are powerful and accurate
I am agile and quick
I dodge punches with ease
My mind is perfectly focused in the ring
I am a confident boxer
I am fast and powerful
I always train hard
I handle pressure easily


Future Tense Affirmations
I will win fights
I will stay focused
I am building my confidence daily
I will increase my agility
I am increasing my strength
I will become a dominant boxer
I will train rigorously
I will stay dedicated to training
I will swing with power and accuracy
I will effortlessly dodge punches


Natural Affirmations
I am a natural born boxer
Boxing is my passion in life
Confidence is part of my nature
Training is fun
I always push myself to the limit
Concentrating in the ring is easy
My mind is finely-tuned for boxing success
I have a reputation as a fierce boxer
Others are intimidated by my boxing skills
Agility and speed come naturally to me

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