Claustrophobia Positive Affirmations


If you suffer from a fear of confined spaces, then you can take back control of your life with these positive affirmations designed to help you break free from claustrophobia.

The anxiety and dread that close spaces presents for you is imagined in your mind. While this fear feels very real to you it is actually just a matter of your mind controlling you. Imagine riding in elevators nonchalantly, or relaxing on crowded trains and buses as if they were just another mode of transportation. Eliminating your fear of tight spaces is a matter of looking at these situations differently.

It is possible to overcome your claustrophobia if you start with practicing these positive affirmations every day. You can also gain great relief from anxiety whenever you are experiencing an episode of claustrophobia, by calmly repeating your favorite affirmations from this list.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am always relaxed and at ease
I am calm on elevators
I am overcoming claustrophobia
I am fearless in small spaces
I am calm on trains
I am in control of myself
I breathe easily in tight spaces
I am safe even in crowded areas
I am comfortable in new places
I am perfectly fine being in a small room


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome claustrophobia
I will stay relaxed in tight spaces
I will be just fine in large crowds
I will feel safe in closed spaces
I will enjoy train rides
I will breathe easily in closed rooms
I will stay calm in elevators
I will enjoy bus rides
I will control my fear
I will feel safe in elevators


Natural Affirmations
Tight spaces are safe
Staying calm comes naturally
My claustrophobia has melted away
My fear is controlled
Elevator rides are just a normal part of life
Bus rides are relaxing
Crowded spaces feel safe
Staying relaxed comes naturally to me
Closed spaces feel cozy
I am a strong person in spite of my claustrophobia

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Recommended Tools for Claustrophobia

Overcome Claustrophobia Subliminal: This album uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help you overcome your fear of tight spaces and crowded rooms. Your mind will become totally free from negative reactions and you will once again have control over your life!

Claustrophobia Hypnosis: Designed to give you back control of your emotional mind, this hypnosis album will help you free yourself from your claustrophobia. It works to help you see your problem in a totally different light so that you can easily break free and have the life you deserve!