Commitment Phobia Positive Affirmations


There are many different reasons why people will not commit to a relationship. It could be due to a fear of being hurt, being cheated on in the past or simply because they want to keep their options open. Whatever the reason for the fear of commitment, it can be deeply hurtful to both the individual with the phobia and their partner.

Our commitment phobia positive affirmations are specifically designed to help you target the cause of your fear of commitment and allow you to overcome it. It can be extremely difficult to address the cause of the phobia, but only by doing this will you be cured.

Positive affirmations are able to help you by targeting the subconscious mind. By incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine, you are able to eventually begin to believe the affirmations and see the benefits that they bring.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am completely committed to my partner
I do not dwell on my past relationships
I am no longer frightened of being in a relationship
I believe in my ability to have a successful relationship
I am not afraid to introduce my partner to friends and family
I respect myself and my partner very much
I remain calm when my partner talks about commitment
My relationship makes me feel safe and loved
I am finding it easier to relax more in relationships
The more committed I become, the less stressful my relationship is


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become more committed to my relationship
When the right person comes along commitment will not be an issue
My commitment to my partner increases every day
I am transforming into a positive and committed individual
The more committed I become, the more my relationship improves
Every day my relationship improves
Others are beginning to notice how committed I am becoming
I am beginning to realise that my fear of commitment is hindering me
I will become more open about my feelings
I will overcome my fear of commitment


Natural Affirmations
Others see me as an individual committed to my relationship
Commitment is easy
Being committed to my partner comes naturally to me
I do not constantly wish I was single
Since I have been committed my life has improved
My relationship is the most important thing in the world to me
My friends are envious of how committed my partner and I are to one another
Speaking about relationship issues with my partner is normal
I enjoy being in a relationship
I have the power to control whether my relationship works out or not

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Recommended Tools to Stop Commitment Phobia

Commitment Phobia Subliminal: This album is perfect for targeting a commitment phobia to stop it getting in the way of a healthy relationship. It can allow you to change your mind set about past relationships and prevent anxiety

Successful Relationship Subliminal: Although it more general than the above subliminal messaging album, this mp3 is a good choice for those who find that when their relationships fail, itis down to more than just a commitment phobia. It allows you to focus on your relationship when it is already established and can improve faithfulness, commitment and loyalty to your partner