Social Phobia Positive Affirmations


These affirmations are here to help you embrace social situations and eliminate any anxiety phobias that may be interfering with your ability to enjoy a natural and fulfilling social life.

Social phobias take control of your mind and keep you from enjoying parties and gatherings the way you should. Take back control and give your phobias the boot by empowering your mind and becoming the social butterfly you deserve to be.

The affirmations will help you to rewire your mind and become someone who is totally comfortable in any social setting, enjoys meeting new people, feels confident in themselves, and speaks their mind freely and easily.

Begin reciting these social phobia affirmations today and watch your wallflower persona and social anxiety disappear!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am relaxed in public
I enjoy parties
I embrace social situations
I thrive in crowds
I am confident
I look forward to parties
I am outgoing and friendly
I have an inner calm in crowds
I am socially adept
I enjoy being social


Future Tense Affirmations
I will have fun at parties
I will enjoy talking with others
I will seek out social situations
I am becoming more comfortable in groups
I will relax in groups
I will enjoy meeting new people
I am becoming more confident around others
I will become more outgoing
I will thrive in crowds
I will stay calm around others


Natural Affirmations
My personality is outgoing
Others enjoy meeting me
Others invite me to parties often
Meeting new people is fun
Engaging with others comes naturally to me
Confidence is one of my traits
Attending parties is fun
Being around others is relaxing
Crowds are fun to be in
Social situations are fun

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