Compromise with Others Positive Affirmations


As humans we are hard wired to always get our own way and it’s great when we do but always wanting to get our own way can really end up backfiring because in the end you are more than likely going to end up arguing with other people and getting nowhere at all.

It’s good then to be able to compromise. Being able to compromise will allow you to get the best deal possible for both you and the other person, leaving you both happy and without argument.

If you want to be able to compromise with others and allow yourself to see things from others point of view then the affirmations on this page will really be of use to you.

You should take them and repeat them at least twice a day. Make sure you repeat them out loud and eventually with enough time you will start to belief what you are repeating and you will start to notice that you are having less arguments with people and that your ability to compromise has improved.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am able to compromise
I am free from arguing
I am very empathetic
I always make sure that I and the other person in a deal are happy
I am always relaxed
I am able to communicate effectively
I find it easy to see things from others point of view
I can get my point across without arguing
I just naturally make sure that others around me are happy
I always make sure that any dispute is left with all parties feeling happy


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more empathetic
I will become someone with the ability to compromise
I am finding myself more argument free
I am turning into someone who is free of selfishness
I will make sure that any dispute is settled with all parties happy
I will always stay relaxed
I will improve my communication skills
I am turning into a positive person
I am transforming into an effective communicator
I am becoming more willing to compromise


Natural Affirmations
Compromising comes naturally to me
I find my ability to see things from others point of view as a useful skill
Being empathetic is the most natural thing in the world
Arguing never happens with me
Being relaxed is something I just naturally am
I find compromising easy
Communication skills is something I have in abundance
People see me as someone who cares about others
People look up to me as an effective communicator
Being able to compromise has made my life much better


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