Ego Control Positive Affirmations


Do you want bring your ego under control? Wouldn’t it be nice to become more naturally confident without needing to brag or falsely build yourself up?

These positive affirmations have been designed to help you control your ego.

Just being aware that there is a problem is the most important step, and now you can begin changing your attitude by using these affirmations on a daily basis. They will help you gain a healthy level of confidence, natural self esteem, and control over your ego.

Get started right away and become more authentically confident and happy!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am in control of my ego
I am naturally confident
I have a healthy level of self esteem
I accept myself for who I am
I feel good about myself without needing to brag
My ego is healthy and natural
My ego is under my control
I am humble
I love and accept myself
I am comfortable in my own skin


Future Tense Affirmations
I will control my ego
I will develop a good level of humility
I am beginning to feel more naturally confident
I am transforming into someone with a healthy self esteem
I will be confident without needing to brag
Every day I gain more control over my ego
Others will notice that I am naturally comfortable with who I am
I will develop true self respect
I am beginning to feel more confident about myself
Expressing my natural self confidence is becoming easier


Natural Affirmations
Ego control is easy for me
I have a healthy level of self confidence
I can be simultaneously humble and confident
I can feel good about myself without boasting
Others look up to me as a confident leader
I love and accept myself unconditionally
Feeling good about myself is normal
My self esteem is at a healthy level
I have an abundance of natural self esteem
Self Confidence comes naturally to me



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Recommended Ego Control Tool

Ego Control Subliminal: This is a great tool that will help you gain control over your ego and develop a natural level of self confidence. The ultimate goal should be to feel better about yourself without having to inflate your ego, and that’s exactly what this album will help you do. It contains 10 subliminal affirmations that will re-shape your subconscious beliefs and bring out your natural and healthy self esteem. Having a natural self confidence is truly liberating, and gaining control over your ego is a necessary step on your journey to happiness and fulfillment. We really encourage you to check this tool out, it has the potential to be truly life changing!