Computer Games Addiction Positive Affirmations


Anyone who has experienced it knows that computer games addiction is real. You feel unable to leave the computer no matter what else you need to do and how important it might be – and it can have a real negative impact on your professional and social life.

What usually happens is that your brain is using the virtual fantasy world to connect with others and substituting it for real-life human connections.In most severe cases an individual addicted to internet or other computer games can completely stop feeling the need for socializing with others, you develop a connection or loyalty to other players although they’re actually strangers.

But sooner or later you experience the effects of your self-imposed isolation to the real world: people stop calling, your job suffers and your romantic relationships start falling apart.

Fortunately, if you’re here it means that you’ve recognized the need to stop with this self-destructive behavior. The next level in the game isn’t really worth jeopardizing significant relationships and educational or career opportunities – and you now need a real addiction recovery treatment to stop giving in to your urge to play.

As difficult as it may sound to you right now, you can actually overcome this urge relatively easily if you make a real effort to change the way your mind sees the game and break the cycle of conditioned behavior. These affirmations can help you in the process, as repeating them will make you more focused and motivated to take action in real life and to remember this whole other world that you’ve almost forgotten about.

To make them as effective as possible, repeat a set of affirmations of your choice twice a day. Do it like you mean it, confidently and with a strong voice. The whole point is that you affirm to yourself that you’re ready and willing to make this change – so good luck and see you in the real world 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I am able to control the time I spend in front of the computer
I let go of the need to play
I am maintaining balance in my life
I am using the computer rationally and practically
I love being outside and spending time with my friends
I am easily amused in the real life
I release the guilt I felt for playing computer games
I am sticking to my schedule and finishing all my tasks
I am ambitious and I will build a great career
I am improving my relationships with people important to me


Future Tense Affirmations
I will value my time more
I will limit the time I spend in front of the computer and use it rationally
I am transforming into someone who can control their urges
I am going to devote my time to activities that will contribute to my future
I will be going out more
I am becoming a responsible and strong individual
I am letting go of my dependency on the computer games
I will be spending more time out of the house
I will work on my creativity and spontaneity
I will take full responsibility for my life


Natural Affirmations
Computer games have no control over me
I deserve to enjoy all the great things real life has to offer
People enjoy my company
My time is valuable and I choose to spend it wisely
I am fully aware of the difference between virtual and real life
It is great to spend quality time with real people
The only one who controls my life and my time is me
My circle of people I care about is getting bigger and more enjoyable
I am taking care of myself by getting enough sleep, eating well and being physical active
I am the most important person in my life and I will do everything I can to make my life the best it can be

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