Confident Scuba Diver Positive Affirmations


It’s great to explore and with things like airplanes, boats and trains it’s rather easy to explore the world we live in.

For those reading who are far more adventurous and want to explore the underwater world you can do so by becoming a scuba diver.

Scuba diving is very relaxing and can be rather eye opening as you travel through the underwater world, marveling at the beauty  of the reef and the marine that call the water their home.

If you are a scuba diver or are interested in getting into scuba diving then it’s important that you are confident with all the aspects it takes to scuba dive and you can do that by using the affirmations on this page.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am am confident diver
I am a master of all aspects of diving
I feel great when I am exploring the underwater world
I am a natural born scuba diver
I am commited to becoming a great diver
I am in great health
I find it easy to stay relaxed when in the water
I can stay calm and relaxed at all times
I just naturally think positive
I am always enthusiastic about diving


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming better at scuba diving by the day
I will become a confident scuba diver
I am finding myself enjoying exploring the underwater world more and more
I am turning into someone who is relaxed at the thought of diving
I am becoming someone who has the ability to stay calm and relaxed at all times
I will improve my health so I’m better at scuba diving
I will think only positive thoughts
I am turning into a master of all aspects of scuba diving
I am transforming into a naturally born scuba diver
I am starting to look forward to going scuba diving


Natural Affirmations
Thinking positively comes naturally to me
I find scuba diving easy
Being able to scuba dive and explore the underwater world has enriched my life
Scuba diving is fun
Suba diving is easy
Staying calm and relaxed when scuba diving is the easiest thing in the world
I really love scuba diving
People see me as someone who is a master at all aspects of scuba diving
People look up to me as a confident scuba diver
My biggest passion in life is scuba diving

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Recommended Tools to Increase To Become a Confident Scuba Diver

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