Fear of Water Positive Affirmations


Rise above your fear of water and discover your inner swimmer by practicing these positive affirmations routinely and resolutely. You will become someone who is naturally comfortable in and around water, and live a life that is free and fearless!

Overcoming your fear of water will enable you to splash carelessly at the beach, perfect your swimming skills, and even aid others who may be in trouble in the water. Once you are no longer afraid of the water, you may even find that you want to explore living on the brink of a lake or the ocean or dive into a career in aquatics.

Overcome your fear of water naturally and holistically when you commit to reciting these positive affirmations today!

Present Tense Affirmations
I like water
I enjoy swimming
I feel calm in the water
I enjoy playing in the water
I am a great swimmer
I like splashing in the water
I am at home near the water
I am in control of my emotions
I feel safe in the water
I can swim easily in deep water


Future Tense Affirmations
I will enjoy swimming
I will overcome my fear of the water
I will stay calm in the water
I will stay in control of my thoughts
I will let go of my fear
I am beginning to like the water
I will become a natural swimmer
I will stay calm when thinking about water
I will swim fearlessly in deep water
I will feel comfortable in open water


Natural Affirmations
Swimming feels natural to me
Others think I am a great swimmer
Being around the water feels natural
Swimming comes easily to me
The water has a calming effect on me
Swimming is fun
Being near the water feels right
Being in the water makes me feel calm
Being in the water is fun
Thinking about water is easy for me

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Develop a Positive Attitude: One of the best things you can do for overcoming fear and anxiety in life is to develop a more optimistic attitude. When you always think everything is going to turn out badly it’s no wonder that you have fears that hold you back. You can learn to develop a more positive approach to life while still retaining all of the safety mechanisms to keep yourself in check!