Connecting With Your Daughter Positive Affirmations


Sometimes, being a parent makes it hard to look at things from the other perspective. You’re doing what’s best for your daughter, and what she thinks is invalid when it comes to her safety. As important as her safety is, and as strong as your beliefs may be, it is equally as important to connect with her, to confirm her faith in you, not only as a parent, but primarily as a great support in her life. You are what makes her strong enough to be herself; you have to know when it’s time to let her make her own decisions.

If you think your daughter is drifting from you, don’t push the panic button just yet. No matter the age at which she shifts from your embrace, you have to let her know that she can always come back. It’s not enough to have expectations of her in her relationship with you; it’s even more important for you to have expectations of yourself. You are the parent, after all; you saw her grow up, and you’ll continue to be there for her whenever she needs you. Building a strong relationship with your daughter is involves letting her know that, while she has your respect and your blessings on being the most independent spirit she can be, you are there for her through thick and through thin, whatever her future may bring.

Connecting with your daughter is not about dragging her back to you. Instead, it’s about having faith that she’ll want to come back on her own. You have already built the bridge to your daughter’s trust, now you have to maintain it. By studying these free positive affirmations you will find it in yourself to hold a steady relationship with your daughter. Simply pick the set you like the best and give them a try!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great parent
I am someone my daughter can look up to
I reach out to my daughter on a regular basis
We have a close relationship
I understand her desires to be her own person
I am willing to let her develop her independence
I trust her to make her own decisions
I respect her decisions
I am there for her whenever she needs me
We have a mutual relationship of trust and understanding


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop being overprotective
I will listen to what she has to say
My daughter and I will grow closer as she gets older
I will appreciate her for all her positive attributes
I will do my best to understand her
I will enjoy spending time with my daughter
I will always take her feelings into consideration
I will put her needs before my own
I will stop distancing myself from my daughter
I am becoming a more open minded parent


Natural Affirmations
I am always considerate of her needs
I am always open to all of her ideas
I am naturally a patient listener
I always make time for her
My daughter and I have a strong relationship
I make her feel comfortable with talking to me
I am foremost a parent
I am a responsible authoritative figure in her life
I love her for everything that she is
I always reach out my daughter



Connect with Your Daughter audio affirmations

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