Connecting With Your Son Positive Affirmations


To say that parenthood is challenging would be a bit of an understatement; parenthood is a headache, and sometimes it can be excruciating. But to all who understand the benefits that come from it, it really is entirely worth the pain. As they mature and gently gravitate away from the stage where they rely on you most, boys can pull away from your arms without much resilience in the act. If you feel like you son is slipping to quickly from your grasp, you’ve come to the right place.

This developmental outburst can happen when your son is four, it can happen when he’s fourteen, it can happen at any time of his life after he’s discovered that he doesn’t need you to do everything for him anymore. Regardless of his age, this sort of rebellion is crucial to his development as an individual. That being said, it is equally as important to his maturing that you stay involved in his life, even if he’s pushing you away. At this point in his life, you need to be able to connect with him even more so that you did before.

If you’re struggling to build a connection with your son, you’ve come to the right place. These positive affirmations will not only put you in a positive mindset for interaction with you’re son, but they will also open you to new ideas about connecting with him. Pick the set you like and say them aloud to yourself; soon enough you’ll be building stronger bonds with him than you’ve ever had before.

Present Tense Affirmations
My son and I get along well
I am important to my son
I respect his budding independence
I am a strong foundation in his life
I am a role model for him
My son respects me as I respect him
I am aware of his desires to be an adult
I spend time with him whenever I can
We enjoy spending time together
My son and I have a strong bond


Future Tense Affirmations
I will listen to him whenever he needs me
I will always be there for him
I will stop denying him room to grow
I will let him develop as an individual
We will form strong bonds as he matures
I will try my hardest to understand him
I will always be someone he can turn to when he needs help
I am becoming a better parent all the time
My son will see me as a responsible adult
My son will look up to me


Natural Affirmations
My son and I have always had a great relationship
I am a great listener
I am naturally patient
I always give him the time he deserves
My son knows he can tell me anything
I am adequately involved in my son’s life
My son and I are very close
My son always turns to me in times of trouble
I always listen to what he has to say
I put his needs at top priority



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