Drug Addiction Positive Affirmations


All addictions are bad but the worst of them all is a drug addiction.

If you are addicted to drugs then you are destroying your health and your life. An addiction to drugs can lead you to hurting your loved ones, not being able to hold down a job and you could even end up in prison due to being caught having the drugs or even worse by robbing someone to obtain them.

Drug addiction can be overcome though and while you should seek out a treatment program, positive affirmations can help as well.

Positive affirmations are short positive statements that you repeat over and over with the aim of them entering the subconscious mind and changing the way you think and in turn the way you behave.

By making use of the positive affirmations on this page and while attending a drug addiction treatment program you can work towards breaking your addiction.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free from my drug addiction
I am happy with who I am
I look inside myself for happiness
I am in control of my own life
I respect my body
I am loved by everyone around me
I find it easy to turn down drugs
I am not tempted at all by drugs
I have the natural ability to stay in control
I always make sure to only align myself with people who support me


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more free of my drug addiction by the day
I will become a drug free individual
I am finding myself more in control of my own life by the day
I will be able in control of my own life
I am becoming more happy about who I am
I will surround myself with people who support me
I will forgive myself for all I have done
I am turning into the happy person that I used to be
I am transforming into someone who can easily turn down drugs
I am becoming someone who loves themselves


Natural Affirmations
The only thing in control of my life is myself
I find it easy to turn down drugs
I deserve to be free of drugs
Being surrounded by positive people is natural to me
I have forgiven myself for all that I did while I was possessed by drugs
My life is free from drugs
I will stay free of drugs forever
People see me as someone who has successfully overcome drug addiction
People look up to me as someone who has wrestled with drug addiction and come out on top
Being free of drugs has been an improvement in my life

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Recommended Tools to Overcome Drug Addiction

Stop Drug Addiction Subliminal: This subliminal will help you to overcome your drug addiction by allowing you to really understand how serious it is and how urgent it is for you to seek treatment. It will also help to change the way you think allowing you to say no to drugs and break free from the addiction.

Self Discipline Hypnosis: When it comes to beating a drug addiction one of the most important things is having the self-discipline to not give into your  cravings. If you don’t already possess a strong level of self-discipline then this hypnosis will help you to become a highly self-disciplined person.

Freedom From Addiction Subliminal: Use this subliminal to help you overcome not only your drug addiction but any addiction in general.

Free From Drug Addiction Guided Meditation: This is a meditation audio experience from Guided Mind – the narrator, Steven Aitchison has a background as a drink and drugs addiction counselor so a decade of experience has gone into the making of this album – it helps you to overcome your drug addiction by rewiring your mind and making you see things differently.

Guide To Overcoming Drug Addiction: This free resource covers all you need to know to help you to overcome your drug addiction once and for all.