Emotional Intelligence Positive Affirmations


Here are our emotional intelligence positive affirmations. Being aware of your surroundings and your peer’s emotions are crucial to sufficient communication with others.

It’s not an easy task to try to connect and relate to the people around you. Social stability in our modern world is heavily reliant on how well we are able to read the feelings of those surrounding us. Being able to tune in to the emotions our friends, family, and colleagues is a useful skill that takes much mental preparation and psychological training.

Follow these basic affirmations for emotional intelligence and see just how well you can read peoples’ emotions. Your own emotional intelligence will grow at a surprising rate, and you’ll find yourself and others far more socially accessible.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am aware of my emotions
I am alert to the feelings of those around me
I pick up on mood changes in myself and in others
I can reason with my emotions
My emotions are under control
I manage my feelings
Understanding emotions comes easily to me
I regulate the emotions of my peers
I respond appropriately to my emotions
I accurately interpret the emotions of others


Future Tense Affirmations
I will focus more on my feelings
I will acknowledge my emotions
I will react to the emotions of those around me
I am becoming confident in my emotional perception
I will intelligently evaluate others’ sentiments
I will be seen as emotionally aware
My emotions will be manageable
My ability to get along with others will improve
I will asses the emotions of my peers
I will be able to build stronger relationships with others


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally attentive to emotions
Emotional intelligence comes second-nature to me
I am tuned-in to the feelings of others
I simply manage my emotions
I just naturally know my emotional boundaries
I instinctively read my peers’ emotions
Others see me as emotionally aware
I am tuned-in to my emotional well-being
I have full confidence in my emotional judgment
Emotions are easy to dissect



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Recommended Resources for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Subliminal: Analyze not only your emotions but those of others with this powerful subliminal designed to hone in on your emotional intelligence. This album is attuned specifically to your emotional needs, and you will quickly develop a sense of emotional awareness you didn’t even know you had by investing your time in this subliminal.

Stop Worrying Hypnosis: Those who are best able to emotionally read people have a mind free of worthless stress. Worrying is a burden, a useless weight that we carry around. Fretting clouds our perception skills and butchers our abilities to concentrate on our other, more important emotions.

Control Your Emotions Subliminal: It is impossible to be emotionally intelligent if your own emotions aren’t under control. This album will help you wrap a leash around your emotions so you can stay at peace and be able to pick up on the emotions of those around you.