Enjoy Fun Diving Positive Affirmations


Do you need to be able to scuba dive for your job but don’t really enjoy it? Or did you used to love diving but you just don’t have the passion you used to have for it?

Whatever the reason you are not enjoying diving for you can learn to enjoy having fun diving by making use of the positive affirmations on this page.

Maybe you’ve heard of positive affirmations or maybe you haven’t. Well, positive affirmations are short positive statements that you take and repeat aloud on a daily basis, most people repeat them at least twice a day as that gets the best results.

The whole point of them is to change the way you think through the power of repetition. At first your brain won’t accept what you are saying but eventually because you have said it so many times it will sink in and you will start to believe what you are actually saying.

By using positive affirmations you can learn to not only enjoy diving again but also to help you overcome many other things like anger, addictions and social anxiety.

Take the affirmations on this page then and give them a go and pretty soon you will find that you actually have fun while scuba diving.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am passionate about scuba diving
I am a very positive person
I am always happy
I am a naturally enthusiastic person
I am an amazing scuba diver
I am always happy to discuss scuba diving
I find it easy to think positive
I can talk about scuba diving for hours
I just naturally have an abundance of enthusiasm
I always have fun scuba diving


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more enthusiastic about scuba diving
I will become passionate about scuba diving
I am finding myself more positive by the day
I am turning into someone who enjoys scuba diving
I am becoming a naturally happy person
I will be able to talk about scuba diving for hours
I will have fun when scuba diving
I am turning into an amazing scuba diver
I am transforming into a positive person
I will love scuba diving as much as I used to


Natural Affirmations
Diving is very fun
I find thinking positively easy
Being passionate about scuba diving is the most natural thing in the world
Being happy is my natural rite
Talking about scuba diving for hours is something I just love to do
Positive thinking is my natural way of life
Scuba diving is a positive thing in my life
People see me as someone who loves diving
People look up to me as someone with an abundance of enthusiasm
Having the ability to control my happiness has allowed me to live a great life

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Recommended Tools to Help You Enjoy Diving

PADI Scuba Diving Courses: PADI offers a number of scuba diving courses for different skill levels. Taking one of their courses will allow you to learn something new about scuba diving and could just be what you need to rekindle your passion with scuba diving.