Enjoy Reading Positive Affirmations


Reading is very important and learning to enjoy reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

This is because by learning to enjoy reading you will become an avid reader and reading will help you to become more intelligent and keep your brain active.

Reading is vital if you want to achieve success, ask anyone who has achieved success how much reading they do and all of them will tell you that they make sure to read as much as possible.

A study was actually done that showed that if you wanted to succeed in business then you should make sure to read loads of fiction because it allows you to understand people and situations better.  

If you currently don’t enjoy reading and find yourself struggling to finish a book then make use of the positive affirmations on this page and pretty soon you will start to notice that your attitude towards reading is much more positive.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an avid reader
I have high concentration levels
I am a lover of fiction and non-fiction
I am a fast reader
I am always reading
I enjoy reading
I find it easy to read a book
I can easily remember what a book was about
I just naturally get through many books
I find it easy to find time to read


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming faster at reading by the day
I will become someone with high levels of concentration
I am finding myself more able to remember what I read
I am turning into someone who is a fast reader
I will find time to read
I will enjoy reading
I will read loads of books
I am turning into an avid reader
I am transforming into a lover of books
I will increase my focus


Natural Affirmations
I have an intense love of reading
I find speed reading easy
Being a lover of reading is the most natural thing in the world
Reading is something I love to do
I find it easy to read at least one new book each week
Remembering what I read is easy for me
Enjoying reading has made me much smarter
People see me as someone who loves reading
Finding time to read comes easily to me
Being an avid reader has been an improvement in my life



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Recommended Tools to Help You Enjoy Reading

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