Enjoy School Positive Affirmations


Submitted By: Tia Lloyd

School is a place that many don’t like but it’s also an important place as school is where you receive an education and in this day and age an education is very important, as Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power”. Enjoying school then is important as enjoying it will allow you to feel good each day about attending class and will help you to focus and enjoy learning the things you are learning. If you currently don’t enjoy school it’s because of your current mindset and the affirmations here will help you go from a school hating mindset to a school loving mindset.

Present Tense Affirmations
I enjoy attending class each day
I am enthusastic about what I’m learning
I find it easy to stay focused in class
I always make sure I get all my homework done on time
I am extremly focused on passing all my classes
I am well liked by everyone in my class
I am always looking forward to school to see my friends and expand my mind
I enjoy learning new things
I am always participating in class discussions
I am a straight A student


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stay focused in class
I will enjoy school
I am finding myself more excited about attending school
I am turning into someone who always gets their homework done on time
I am finding myself more smarter by the day
I will wake up looking forward to going to school
I will make sure to participate in class discussions
I am turning into someone who is well liked by other students
I will pass all my classes
I will develop an intense desire to learn new things


Natural Affirmations
School is nothing but fun
I find it easy to get all my homework done on time
I know I am a great student
When I think about school I think only good things
I know that school is an important part of my life
Others have noticed how much I enjoy School
I enjoy attending class
People are always asking me to sit next to them in class
Getting A grades comes naturally to me
My teachers have noticed how hard working and focused I am


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