Fear of Snakes Positive Affirmations


If the thought of snakes sends shivers down your spine and quickens your breath, then use the power of these positive affirmations to squash your fear of snakes once and for all!

While some snakes are poisonous and may present a certain amount of danger, most people’s fear of snakes originates from an unrealistic dread of the actual animal rather than any real threat they may pose. If you long to dig fearlessly in your garden or travel to regions that snakes call home, then it is time to kick your concerns to the curb.

Commit to reciting these affirmations regularly to overcome your fear of snakes. Before long you will be indifferent to snakes and feel totally secure in your ability to control your reactions, to the point that you will think nothing of working in the garden or traveling to exotic lands.

Present Tense Affirmations
I like snakes
I am in control of my reactions
I have overcome my fear of snakes
I like watching snakes
I am calm around snakes
I work in my garden fearlessly
I am comfortable around snakes
I think about snakes calmly
I am carefree when outdoors
I am in control of my reactions around snakes


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome my fear of snakes
I am beginning to like snakes
I will control my reactions to snakes
I will be carefree when working in the garden
I will go outdoors fearlessly
I will stay calm around snakes
I will control my reaction to snakes
I will enjoy watching snakes
I will lead a carefree life
I will cure my fears


Natural Affirmations
Snakes are a part of nature
Snakes are fun to watch
Being calm around snakes is easy for me
Going outdoors is safe
I am naturally relaxed around snakes
I can easily control my reaction to snakes
My fear of snakes is gone
My breathing is calm around snakes
Others know that I like snakes
When I see snakes I am calm

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Recommended Tools for Fear of Snakes

Fear of Snakes Cure Subliminal: If you are ready to beat your fear of snakes then this album will help you reach your goal. It will help you to view snakes more realistically and help you keep your cool around them so that you can lead a carefree and happy life!

Fear of Snakes Hypnosis: Your fear of snakes can be controlled with the help of this hypnosis album. It will help rewire your mind so that you stop reacting emotionally and change your view of snakes on a subconscious level.

Stop Panic Attacks Subliminal: This is a great tool for helping you to naturally calm your mind and maintain psychological stability even when around snakes! You will be much more calm and in control no matter what panic inducing situation you find yourself in.