Fear of Vomit Positive Affirmations


While vomiting is not any fun for anyone, it also shouldn’t trigger fear and anxiety either. Overcome your vomit fears with these amazing affirmations!

If you were able to bypass the fear of vomit, you could more easily help those that are sick around you. You could either pursue a career in the medical field or more effortlessly participate in the one you have. A diminished fear of vomit would also keep your anxiety down when you feel sickness or nausea coming on.

Follow the path to a life with less fear by practicing these affirmations for fear of vomit today.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am able to calmly think about vomit
I am comfortable around vomit
I am unfazed by the smell of vomit
I can handle the sight of vomit
I am unaffected by seeing someone vomit
I am at ease when I think I might vomit
I am calm around vomit
I am able to talk about vomit easily
I am calm when I am sick
I am cured of my fear of vomit


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome my fear of vomit
I will remain steadfast at the sight of vomit
I will easily help those who are vomiting
I will stay calm when I feel sick
I will overcome my fear of vomit
I am noticing that the smell of vomit is easier to handle
The sight of vomit is becoming easier to deal with
I am learning to control my emotions
I will stay in control of my thoughts
I will live a carefree life


Natural Affirmations
Vomiting is natural
My thoughts are controlled
My mind is calm
Being sick is something I can easily deal with
My fear of vomit is controlled
I am naturally unfazed by vomit
I can easily handle the smell of vomit
I am letting go of my fear of vomit
Helping those who are vomiting is easy
I can calmly clean up vomit

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Recommended Resources for Fear of Vomit

Fear of Vomit Cure Subliminal: If the smell or sight of vomit makes you feel queasy or panicky, this album will help ease your reactions. Its subliminal technology helps you overcome your fears for good by changing the way you think about vomit.

Motion Sickness Relief Subliminal: If your fear of vomit extends to include a fear of feeling motion sick, this album will help you overcome motion sickness. It will help you ride in any vehicle without feeling nauseous.