Fear of Blood Positive Affirmations


For some people, the sight of blood sends shivers down their spine, sends them into panic mode, and even makes them pass out suddenly. If you suffer from a fear of blood, or hemophobia, then these affirmations will help you break free from your worries!

Imagine totally overcoming your fear of blood and what that could do for your life and happiness! You would no longer have to avoid a career in the medical field, nor would you have to worry how you’d react in a crisis where bleeding people needed your help. You could do something as monumental as saving lives in emergency rooms or even do your part by donating blood.

Become someone who is naturally fearless with blood by using these positive affirmations on a daily basis to retrain your mind and overcome your habitual reaction to blood!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am comfortable with blood
I can look at blood easily
I can think about blood rationally
I am indifferent to blood
I am calm around blood
I am calm when I think about blood
I am in control of myself
I lead a fearless life
I am able to donate blood
I am safe around blood


Future Tense Affirmations
I will feel safe around blood
I will overcome my fear of blood
I will stay in control around blood
I will think about blood rationally
I am starting to feel indifferent to blood
I will stay calm around blood
I will lead a life free from fear
I will donate blood
I will look at blood easily
I will stay calm when I think about blood


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally fearless around blood
Blood is easy to look at
Blood is just a normal part of life
Dealing with blood is no big deal
Working around blood is easy
Staying calm around blood is easy
My thoughts are rational and controlled
I can easily handle the sight of blood
Others see me as someone who is unfazed by blood
My mind is calm around blood

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Recommended for overcoming Fear of Blood

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Fear of Blood Hypnosis: Through regular repetition, the hypnotic messages in this album will teach you to overcome your fear of blood. It will give you back control of your emotional mind so that you can eliminate your angst and worry.