Fear of Needles and Injections Positive Affirmations


If you suffer from a fear of needles and injections, these affirmations will help you take control of your mind and your life once and for all!

Receiving injections can be a routine occurrence for many that involve little more than a simple prick. However, for an unlucky few the thought of being stuck with a needle is downright frightening and invokes periods of immobilizing anxiety and worry. This doesn’t have to be the case if you decide that now is the time to kick your fear to the curb.

Sail through your next injection without a hint of angst by practicing these positive affirmations routinely. They will help you neutralize your thoughts of needles and make the experience go much more smoothly!

Start today and experience a life free from worrying about needles and injections!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am fine with getting an injection
I have overcome my fear of needles
I can handle receiving injections easily
I am in control of my thoughts
My mind is relaxed and calm
I always think positively
I am in control around needles
I am calm when talking about injections
I am unfazed by injections
I am always calm when getting injections


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome my fear of needles
I will stay in control of my emotions
I will stay calm around needles
I will speak easily about injections
I will understand the necessity of injections
I will cure my fear of injections
I will handle my thoughts about needles
I will get an injection when I need it
I will stay calm when thinking about needles
I will be at ease when getting injections


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally calm around needles
Injections are simple to handle
Injections keep me healthy
Needles are safe
Getting injections is easy
Seeing needles is something I can easily handle
Fearlessness is my natural state
My body is calm around needles
Handling needles is easy
My thoughts are controlled

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