Swimming Positive Affirmations


Whether you are a seasoned swimmer wanting to beat your own best record or you are a novice doggie-paddler, these swimming affirmations will help you perfect your strokes, build your endurance, and gain the mindset of a top level swimmer!

Swimming well combines breathing techniques with strength and coordination to produce well-timed strokes and forward motion. It takes a high level of focus and concentration to combine all of these techniques efficiently. You will benefit greatly from training your mind to work in harmony with your arms, legs, and lungs so that every single move is timed and calculated to move you smoothly through the water.

These affirmations will help clear your mind and bolster your coordination so that you become a strong, consistent swimmer.

Begin reciting them today to blow your swimming expectations out of the water!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a skilled swimmer
I have incredible endurance
I am physically strong
I have excellent rhythm
I breathe efficiently
I make swimming look effortless
I have a clear mind
I am focused on swimming
I enjoy training
I am very coordinated


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a championship swimmer
I will increase my stamina
I will stay focused
I am building my endurance
I will train regularly
My technique is improving
I am becoming stronger
Others are starting to notice what a great swimmer I am
I will always perform to my absolute best
I will be dedicate myself to swimming


Natural Affirmations
Swimming comes naturally to me
Concentrating in the water feels natural
Swimming is easy
I enjoy training hard and pushing myself to the max
I am naturally focused when swimming
Training is fun
Swimming competitions are easy to win
Perfect swimming technique comes naturally to me
I have great stamina
I am naturally motivated to train hard

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Recommended Tools to help Swimmers

Swimming Strokes Training Subliminal: The goal of this album is to unlock your swimming potential and to build your confidence in the water. It employs positive subliminal messages to make you the best swimmer possible by focusing your mind on swimming and building the perfect mindset for mastering proper swimming stroke technique.

Improve Concentration Hypnosis: Combining breathing efficiently with making powerful strokes while suspended in the water takes immeasurable concentration. This album will help heighten your power of concentration so that you can improve your performance in the water.

Stop Being Clumsy Subliminal: Great swimmers appear fluid, coordinated, and flawless in form. This subliminal album will work to eliminate any clumsiness that may be getting in your way, and will ultimately allow you to start performing at your true peak.