Fighting Colon Cancer Positive Affirmations


Colon Cancer is also known as bowel cancer and rectal cancer and is the third most common type of cancer and it mainly occurs in those who are over the age of sixty.

Though age puts you most at risk you are also at risk if you don’t exercise frequently, don’t consume a diet high in fibre and low in saturated fat, are overweight and drink or smoke.

The treatment for colon cancer is the same as the treatment of other types of cancers and includes chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and some cases of it require biological therapy, which is a treatment method that works with your immune system in order to fight the cancer.

If you are suffering from colon cancer then you have a long fight ahead of you and medical treatment is a must but it’s also important that you work on developing the right mindset.

The reason it’s important to develop the right mindset is because it has been shown over and over again that the mind has a direct impact on the way that your body behaves so if you don’t believe that you will beat it then your body is more likely to give up.

It’s important then that you work on developing the proper mindset, a mindset where you think nothing but positive thoughts and are 100% sure that you will beat colon cancer.

To help you develop that mindset you should take the positive affirmations on this page and repeat them aloud every single day, at least twice each day.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free of colon cancer
I find it easy to think only positive thoughts
I am always surrounded by positive people
I am a strong individual
I am able to visualize myself free of colon cancer
I am a positive thinker
I find it easy to stay strong no matter what
I can beat colon cancer
I am able to control my thoughts in order to positively affect my body
I easily recover from surgery


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more sure of myself beating colon cancer
I will become someone who recovers quickly from surgery
I am finding myself stronger by the day
I am turning into someone who finds it easy to stay strong at all times
I am slowly removing all negative people from my life
I will beat colon cancer
I will make sure each day to visualize myself free of cancer
I am turning into a positive thinker
I will develop the cancer beating mindset
I will surround myself with only positive people


Natural Affirmations
I have beat colon cancer and I’m a much stronger person for doing so
I wish to be free of all negative thoughts and that is why I only surround myself with positive people
Everyday I visualize myself free of colon cancer
People see me as someone who has beaten colon cancer
I always make sure to have only positive people around me
Being free of colon cancer is my natural rite
I have zero fear of cancer and I know I will beat it
Other people who are fighting colon cancer look to me for advice on staying strong
Staying strong at all times is easy for me
Recovering from this journey was very easy

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Recommended Tools to Increase Your Chances of Beating Colon Cancer

Positive Thinking Subliminal: If you want to fight colon cancer then it’s important that you become a positive thinker. The reason it’s important is because if you’re thinking that you wont survive then you increase your chances on not surviving because your mind has a direct impact on your body. This subliminal will be vital to you then as it will help turn you into someone who thinks nothing but positive thoughts.

Fear of Surgery Hypnosis: Surgery can be a very scary thing but one of the treatments for colon cancer is surgery so it’s important that if you have a fear of surgery that you get over it and get the treatment that you need. This hypnosis when listened to will help change the way you think about surgery and eventually will turn you into someone who has no fear of surgery.

Improve Visualization Skills Subliminal: One of the biggest tools in your battle to fight colon cancer is the power of visualization. Being able to visualize yourself beating colon cancer will give you hope and keep you strong, so it’s important that you give this subliminal a listen to as it will help you to develop great visualization skills.