Fear of Cancer Positive Affirmations


If your fear of developing cancer is strangling you and cutting you off from enjoying life, these positive affirmations will help release you from anxiety.

Cancer is a scary disease and affects numerous lives in one way or another. However, worrying about it invading your life is unhealthy and unproductive. These affirmations will help you cherish what is real and healthy so that you can banish unfounded and crippling fears.

Cancer takes so much from so many people, do not allow the very thought of it to also take away your freedom. Practice these affirmations today to enjoy your life more fully.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am letting go of my fear of cancer
I am alive and well
I live my life fully
I am healthy
I am safe around those with cancer
I am focused on being healthy
I am in control
I am calm when talking about cancer
I stay calm around those with cancer
My thoughts are positive and uplifting


Future Tense Affirmations
I will banish my fear of cancer
My mind will let go of thoughts about cancer
I will stay calm around those with cancer
I will be relaxed when talking about cancer
I will live fearlessly
I will focus on being healthy and happy
My thoughts are becoming more positive
I will feel safe around those with cancer
I will let go of my fears
I am feeling happier and more carefree


Natural Affirmations
I live life to the fullest
I can easily talk about cancer and remain calm
I take care of myself to the best of my ability
Talking about cancer is easy
Living calmly comes naturally to me
Feeling healthy is my natural state
Having a normal fear of cancer is ok
Being around those with cancer is safe
I can let go of my fears whenever I want
I have overcome my fear of cancer

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