Fighting Leukemia Positive Affirmations


Leukemia is a cancer that begins in the tissues that form blood such as the bone marrow and the lymphatic system.

There are many types of leukemia and some of them are more common in children while there are other forms that mostly adults end up suffering from.

Nobody knows what causes it but the symptoms of it include headaches, bone or joint pain, feeling very weak or tired, weight loss and loss of appetite, swollen/painful stomach from an enlarged spleen and swollen lymph nodes in the groin, neck or armpit.

The treatments for leukemia include stem cell transplant, biological therapy, chemotherapy and radiation.

Medical treatment will be vital in your journey of overcoming Leukemia but like with beating any cancer there is also something else you need and that is the right mindset.

The reason you need the right mindset in order to beat Leukemia is because your mind plays a big part in how your body behaves, so if you have a mindset where you are thinking negative thoughts and don’t believe you will beat it then your body is more likely to give in.

To help you develop the right mindset you should take the positive affirmations on this page and repeat them aloud in a confident manner at least twice each day.

By doing so you will harness the power of repetition to change the way you think and in a matter of weeks you will notice that you are much more confident about successfully fighting Leukemia. 

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free of leukemia
I am surrounded by positive thinkers
I am 100% sure that I will beat leukemia
I always overcome difficult situations
I am 100% focused on beating leukemia
I am a strong person
I find it easy to stay positive
I can see myself being free of leukemia
I just naturally stay strong no matter what
I am strong and know I will beat leukemia


Future Tense Affirmations
I will beat leukemia
I am transforming into a positive thinker
I am strengthening my mind each day
I will surround myself with positive people
I am becoming more sure about beating leukemia
I will develop the skill of visualization so I can use it in my quest to overcome cancer
I will think only positive thoughts
I am turning into a strong willed individual
I will stay strong throughout the whole journey
I am becoming more able to see myself beating leukemia


Natural Affirmations
I have overcome leukemia and that means I can overcome anything
I find staying positive easy
Being free of all negative thoughts increases my chances of beating leaukemia
I have beaten leukemia and I am a source of inspiration for other sufferers
I deserve to be free of leukemia
I have a strong mind and nothing can get me down
Staying strong at all times comes naturally to me
It’s important to only surround myself with positive people
Beating leukemia was a piece of cake
I am a much stronger person down to my fight with leukemia

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Improve Your Chances of Beating Leukemia

Positive Thinking Subliminal: If you want any chance of beating leukemia then you need to make sure that you are thinking nothing but positive thoughts. This is important because we attract what we think about so if you are thinking that you wont survive cancer then you wont. If you aren’t a natural positive thinker then this subliminal will help turn you into someone who thinks nothing but positive thoughts.

Attract Health Hypnosis: While fighting cancer, it’s important your mind is focused on the right things and the most of important of those things is your health and listening to this hypnosis will help focus your thoughts on your health so you can harness the law of attraction to help you to fight your cancer.

Eliminate Exhaustion Subliminal: Many cancer treatments can leave you feeling rather tired but you can help overcome this by listening to this subliminal which will send messages to your subconscious mind in order to give you an abundance of energy.