Fighting Lung Cancer Positive Affirmations


Out of all the types of cancers, lung cancer is one of the most common and also one of the most serious.

People suffering from it may experience coughing, shortness of breath, unexplained weight loss and chest pain.

What makes lung cancer so serious is that noticeable symptoms don’t start showing until the cancer has spread through most of the lungs or has spread into other parts of the body.

Only 27% of men and 30% of women who get lung cancer will survive for at least a year after they have been diagnosed.

Though these statistics may be depressing it’s still important to do all you can to fight lung cancer and that will involve undergoing the correct treatment plan and also having the right mind-set.

To develop the mind-set you need to beat lung cancer you should take the positive affirmations on this page and repeat them aloud at least twice each day.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free of lung cancer
I am focused on getting through this
I am strong enough to overcome lung cancer
I am able to fight lung cancer
I am a strong individual
I find it easy to see myself beating lung cancer
I find it easy to stay positive
I  naturally focus only on the positive
I just naturally surround myself with positive people
I am able to stay strong no matter what


Future Tense Affirmations
I will beat lung cancer
I will be able to picture myself overcoming lung cancer
I am finding myself more stronger by the day
I am turning into someone who is able to overcome lung cancer
I am turning into a strong minded individual
I will surround myself with only positive people
I will become a positive thinker
I am turning into someone who focuses on only the positive
I am transforming into someone with the lung cancer beating mindset
I will do all I need to do to beat lung cancer


Natural Affirmations
Thinking only positive thoughts comes naturally to me
I will overcome lung cancer and recover quickly from my treatment
The people around me are nothing but positive and supportive
Being free of lung cancer is my natural rite
Lung cancer will not be the death of me
I have unshakeable inner strength
Beting lung cancer has made me much stronger
People see me as someone who has beaten lung cancer
I have lung cancer but I will beat it
Beating lung cancer is going to be easy

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Recommended Tools to Fight Lung Cancer

Inner Strength Subliminal: Fighting lung cancer requires you to stay strong at all times and that can be hard but listening to this subliminal will help rewire your brain in order to make you someone with great inner strength.

Positive Thinking Hypnosis: You will not overcome lung cancer if you are thinking negative thoughts, instead you only want to be thinking positive thoughts and when you listen to this hypnosis you will slowly start to become someone who thinks nothing but positive thoughts even during the hardest of times such as fighting cancer.

Attract Health Subliminal: It’s important that your thoughts are focused on recovering from cancer and getting healthy again and this subliminal will help to rewire your brain so you are 100% focused on attracting health into your life.