Fighting Prostate Cancer Positive Affirmations


The most common cancer in men happens to be prostate cancer and in the UK alone, around 36,000 men are diagnosed with it each year.

There isn’t much knowledge on what causes prostate cancer but it mostly occurs in men aged 70 or over.

Prostate cancer can be cured if it is treated in its early stages and the treatments include the removal of the prostate, radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

No matter what method of treatment has been prescribed to you, it’s important that you have the right mental attitude.

Having the right mental attitude is important because the mind has a direct effect on the way your body behaves and if you just give up then you’re body is going to give up.

It’s important then that you stay strong and think only positive thoughts and the affirmations on this page will help you to do that

Just take them and repeat them aloud on a daily basis and you will slowly start to develop the mind-set that is needed to increase your chances of fighting prostate cancer.

Present Tense Affirmations
I can stay positive at all times
I am always surrounded by positive people
I am going to beat prostate cancer
I was born to beat cancer
I have great inner strength
I am in possession of a cancer beating mindset
I find it easy to stay strong
I am free of prostate cancer
I just naturally think nothing but positive thoughts
I find it easy to see myself beating prostate cancer


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more positive about beating prostate cancer
I will become free of prostate cancer
I am finding myself less scared of undergoing surgery
I am turning into someone with great inner strength
I will stay strong at all times
I will beat prostate cancer
I will surround myself with positive people
I am turning into a positive thinker
I am transforming into someone withe the cancer beating mindset
I am becoming more sure of me beating cancer


Natural Affirmations
Surrounding myself with only positive people has helped me to keep strong
I find positive thinking easy
I find it easy to stay strong no matter what
Being free of prostate cancer is my natural rite
I know the right mindset is important fro beating cancer and that’s why I am doing all I can to develop it
Being able to visualize myself beating cancer is a great tool I have
Positive thinking is a natural part of my life
Getting and beating prostate cancer has made me stronger
Surgery is needed for me to overcome cancer so I will overcome my fear of it
I am a much stronger person for going through the battle of fighting cancer

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Recommended Prostate Cancer Fighting Resources

Positive Thinking Subliminal: The biggest part of the cancer beating mindset is thinking nothing but positive thoughts. If your current thinking is nothing but negative then you need to listen to this subliminal in order to turn yourself into someone who only thinks positive thoughts as it’s only positive thinking that will help you to beat cancer.

Fear of Surgery Hypnosis: One of the treatment options is removing the prostate and this of course requires surgery so if you are afraid of surgery then you need to learn to overcome your fear and this hypnosis will help to do that by using positive statements to change your whole belief system towards surgery.

Body Regeneration Subliminal: The mind does have a great power over your body and you can use the power of your mind to help to heal your body and this subliminal will help turn you into someone who has the ability to heal their body with their mind.