Fighting Skin Cancer Positive Affirmations


Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers and is caused by over-exposure to the Sun. Skin cancer unlike many of the other cancers is rather easy to treat and though it does pose a threat to life, it’s only a small threat.

Depending on what type of it you have the treatment method could involve an operation to cut out the affected area, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Though you can’t use the power of your mind alone to cure skin cancer it’s still important that you have the right mental attitude as your mind does have the ability to affect how your body functions.

The affirmations on this page have been designed to help you to develop a positive mind-set that allows you to effectively overcome skin cancer. By combining these affirmations with proper medical care you will have a better chance of being cured of skin cancer.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free of skin cancer
I find it easy to stay strong at all times
I am able to beat skin cancer
I am a natural born surviver
I am able to see myself beating skin cancer
I surround myself only with positive people
I find it easy to stay positive
I am able to use the power of my mind to heal my body
I just naturally surround myself with other positive people
I am able to recover from surgery quickly


Future Tense Affirmations
I am transforming into a positive thinker
I am finding myself more hopeful about beating skin cancer
I will stay positive no matter what
I am turning into someone who is strong
I will make sure to remove all negative influences from my life
I will beat skin cancer
I will recover quickly from surgery
I am becoming stronger by the day
I am transforming into a strong person
I will visualize myself cancer free


Natural Affirmations
Beating skin cancer has made me a stronger person
I make sure to surround myself with only positive people as I know negative people will not help my chances
Once I’ve beaten cancer I will recover quickly
Being free of skin cancer is my natural rite
Cancer does not scare me as I know I will beat it
Positive thinking comes naturally to me
Staying strong no matter what comes easy to me
People see me as someone who has beaten skin cancer
I find it easy to use the power of visualization to see myself beating skin cancer
Everyday I’m working towards developing the cancer beating mindset

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Recommended Tools to Fight Skin Cancer

Positive Thinking Subliminal: Overcoming skin cancer requires you to stay strong and to stay positive. Staying positive can be hard though and this subliminal will help you to become someone who thinks nothing but positive thoughts.

Fear of Surgery Hypnosis: Most skin cancers can easily be removed with surgery, so if you have a fear of surgery then it’s important that you overcome it. This hypnosis will help you to do that by changing the way you think about surgery and will make you think more positively about your surgery to come.

Improve Visualization Skills Subliminal: Being able to picture yourself overcoming cancer is a vital part in being able to fight it, visualization can be difficult though and if you are finding it hard then this subliminal will help you to improve your visualzation skills so you can successfully picture yourself beating skin cancer.