Headaches Positive Affirmations


Want to soothe your aching head? Or even prevent headaches from happening in the first place? These positive affirmations have been designed specifically to help you with headaches.

The root cause of a headache is often mental tension, stress, and other physical factors such as your posture, lifestyle, and even the foods you eat. These affirmations will address a variety of the mental and physical causes of headaches by reprogramming your subconscious with more positive thoughts, relaxing energy, and healthier habits.

Not only will they will help you to reduce pain and increase relaxation whenever you’re in the midst of a headache, but they will also help you to achieve long term reduction in headache frequency and intensity. And with consistent use, you can eliminate headaches all together!

Now it’s time to get started, here are your affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am free from pain
I am letting go of my headache
I always maintain good posture
My head is free from tension
I am relaxed and at peace
I am relaxing my neck and shoulders
All of my muscles are relaxed
I eat healthy foods that support a healthy body
I let go of stress regularly throughout the day
My head feels comfortable and soothed


Future Tense Affirmations
I will release my headache
I will let go of the tension in my neck and shoulders
My body is starting to feel more relaxed and at peace
I will become free from headaches
Maintaining proper posture is helping to reduce my headaches
Releasing stress and tension is becoming easier and easier
My head is beginning to relax and feel better
I am transforming into someone who’s body always feels good
I will soothe my aching head with positive and peaceful thoughts
I will take time to release stress from my body each day


Natural Affirmations
I can release my head pain
Being free from headaches is my natural state
My body is naturally free from pain
I can easily release the excess tension in my body
My neck and shoulders are naturally relaxed and at peace
Doing what’s best for my body will reduce headaches
Relaxing my mind and body will diffuse my headache
Letting go of stress is easy for me
Freedom from headaches is my natural right
I can have a life completely free from headaches



Headache Relief audio affirmations

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Migraine Relief Hypnosis: Listen to this hypnosis album to reach the unconscious thought patterns that are the root cause of your headaches . It will naturally relax your muscles, soothe your head, and reduce pain. The mind is the main source of headaches, and hypnotherapy specializes in relaxing the mind and reducing mental tension, it’s the perfect tool for helping you with headaches!

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