Healthy Teeth And Gums Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations will help to align your body and mind with the goal of achieving or maintaining healthy teeth and gums!

They will get your mind focused on doing everything needed to improve your oral health, and they will even create subtle shifts in your physiology that will help to send positive energy and blood flow to your mouth and gums.

If you use these affirmations consistently, you will become someone who takes perfect care of their teeth and gums, has great oral health habits and routines, and has a beautiful healthy smile to share with the world.

Here they are, read the list carefully, love your teeth, and don’t forget to smile!

Present Tense Affirmations
My teeth are clean and healthy
My gums are in perfect health
I always brush my teeth every day
I floss regularly
The circulation around my mouth is healthy and strong
My teeth are beautiful
I take great care of my teeth and gums
My teeth are strong
Other people admire my healthy teeth
I am focused on proper oral hygiene


Future Tense Affirmations
I will always have healthy teeth and gums
I will brush my teeth every day
I will floss my teeth frequently
I will do everything possible to maintain healthy teeth and gums
My gums are becoming healthier
My teeth are becoming stronger
The blood flow to my mouth is improving
Others are starting to notice my great smile
I will always take care of my teeth
Maintaining good oral health habits is becoming easier and easier


Natural Affirmations
I have healthy teeth and gums
I can improve the health of my teeth and gums
Remembering to floss is easy
My teeth are naturally strong
Oral health is important
I love the feeling of a clean and healthy mouth
Taking perfect care of my teeth and gums is something I just naturally do
I have a perfect oral hygiene routine
Flossing is enjoyable
Having healthy teeth and gums is essential to my overall health

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