Smile More Positive Affirmations


Here are 30 positive affirmations to help you smile more 🙂

Have you ever noticed that people who have a happy and inviting facial expression tend to get more attention, spread positive energy, and be happier? You can actually train yourself to smile more and be happier by using the power of positive affirmations. If you use these affirmations regularly (we recommend twice daily) they will penetrate deeply into your mind and transform you into someone who just naturally and effortlessly smiles more.

Become more attractive to others, be more effortlessly happy, have a positive outlook on life, light up a room when you walk in – all of these things are possible if you just simply smile more! 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I am always smiling
I smile at everyone I see
I smile at the whole world
I light up a room with my smile
My smile is contagious
I am always positive and smiling
Other people always notice my smile
I have a great smile
I spread positive energy to others with the power of my smile
I am always happy and smiling


Future Tense Affirmations
I will smile more
I am noticing myself smiling more and more
Smiling at others is becoming easier
I will smile at the world each and every day
Smiling is changing the way I feel
I am turning into someone who is always smiling and feeling good
Smiling more is starting to feel easy and natural
I am beginning to enjoy smiling at other people
I am transforming into someone who is happy and smiling all the time
Every day it feels more natural to smile and be happy


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy smiling
I find it easy to smile at other people
Smiling and being happy is a normal part of my every day life
I feel good when I smile
When I smile I make others happy
My smile is magnetic!
Life is so much better when I am smiling
My smile is one of my best features
The more I smile the happier I seem to feel
People are attracted to my smile and my positive energy



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