Ice Hockey Positive Affirmations


These ice hockey affirmations will develop your mindset into that of a professional player. They will boost your confidence, increase your focus, and encourage you to train hard.

Great hockey players seem to glide effortlessly over the ice while dodging opponents, making pretty passes, and getting into perfect scoring position. The reason they make it look so easy is because they have practiced for so many years that their brain is finely-tuned and highly developed for hockey. These affirmations have been specifically designed to help you achieve this hockey mindset and learn to think like the pros.

An improved hockey mindset will help you to skate better, see the ice more clearly, read plays as they develop, and maintain a fiercely competitive attitude.

Begin reciting these affirmations regularly to uncover your true hockey abilities and set the ice on fire with your skills!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a skilled hockey player
I enjoy practicing
I am focused on winning
I am motivated to train frequently
I am an important part of my hockey team
I think like a pro hockey player
I am a great skater
I have perfect shot accuracy
I am aware of plays as they develop
I always get myself into scoring position


Future Tense Affirmations
I will play become a great hockey player
I will practice regularly
I will train with dedication
I will perfect my passing
I will focus my mind on the game
I will think like a pro
I will transform into a scoring machine
I will always play my hardest
I am becoming a top level skater
I will keep getting better at hockey no matter what


Natural Affirmations
Scoring comes easily to me
Winning feels natural
Practicing is fun
Skating comes naturally to me
Others see me as a great hockey player
I naturally think like a pro player
My shot accuracy is perfect
My mind is finely-tuned for ice hockey
I have a natural awareness for scoring opportunities
Being on the ice feels natural to me

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Recommended for Ice Hockey Players

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Boost Self Confidence Subliminal: One thing that all super ice hockey players have in common is an unshakeable sense of self-confidence. This album will ensure that you too have the confidence necessary to take on your opponent and play your best possible game every single time.