Inner Game Positive Affirmations


When it comes to being good with women there are two areas you need to focus on; inner game and outer game.

Outer game is all the things you do, things such as lines, routines, making sure you have proper body language etc. Inner game on the other hand is all about how you feel on the inside; it’s all about what you think about yourself.

Both inner game and outer game are important, you can get success with just having either one but it’s good to have both sorted out and the affirmations on this page will allow you to give yourself good inner game.

If you repeat these positive affirmations on a daily basis then the way you think and feel about yourself will start to change. You will start feeling confident about yourself, you will know that you are the prize and that a woman is lucky that you are talking to her and you will just become a naturally attractive alpha male.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a handsome man
I am a naturally attractive alpha male
I am very confident
I am naturally positive and happy
I have rock solid inner game
I am not fazed by rejection
I am an interesting person
I am someone a woman is lucky to have in her life
I always stand up for myself
I am 100% happy with myself


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more confident each day
I will become a man who doesn’t let a woman walk all over them
I will speak my mind and never filter myself
I am turning into someone who is naturally attractive
People will respect me
I will learn to accept that I am worthy of a great woman
I am turning into a confident and happy person
I am transforming into an alpha male
I will have rock solid inner confidence
I will develop a positive mindset


Natural Affirmations
Women flock too me
Everyone tells me how interesting and cool I am
Being confident is the most natural thing in the world
Attracting beautiful women is effortless for me
Others see me as someone who has his life sorted out
Having strong inner game has made my outer game that much more powerful
I love being amazing with women
My self confidence is as strong as a rock
I always think positive thoughts
Being happy with myself has allowed me to live an amazing life

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Improve Your Inner Game

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