Jeet Kune Do Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations will take your jeet kune do skills to extraordinary heights and make you the kind of fighter that Bruce Lee would be proud to call one of his own.

Jeet kune do is a form of martial art noted for its fluidity and flexibilty of style. Only those artists who have mastered the mental components of jeet kune do are truly able to harmonize with their bodies and unleash their true potential.

If you commit to practicing these affirmations regularly, you will notice how much your physical actions truly express your mental intentions, and how effortlessly your body reacts and performs in the most intense of fighting situations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a jeet kune do master
My mind is both focused and relaxed
I always react with speed and precision
I am a skilled fighter
I am dedicated to my training
My movements are fluid
I have perfect timing
I have strong, accurate punches
I handle any fighting style with ease
I win fights easily


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a jeet kune do master
I will train intensely
My body is becoming stronger
I will perfect my timing
My punches will be fast and accurate
I am transforming into a highly confident fighter
Jeet kune do is becoming my way of life
Reacting to my opponent is becoming easier and more natural
My body is becoming quick yet powerful
I will reach my true fighting potential


Natural Affirmations
Jeet kune do is in my body and soul
I live my life by the principles of jeet kune do
My mind and body are like water
Mastering jeet kune do is important to me
The philosophy of jeet kune do strengthens my mind and body
My thoughts are always focused and clear
Jeet kune do comes naturally to me
Others see me as a jeet kune do champion
I can easily handle any opponent or fighting style
My body and mind are united

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