Job Interview Success Positive Affirmations


Mastering a job interview can set you apart from your peers and help you land that important position. You can use these positive affirmations to become a professional at answering tough interview questions and ensure you perform well under even the most intense pressure.

A decision is often made only a few seconds after you meet a prospective employer. Your positive attitude can make a lasting impression that will linger in the employer’s mind, making it more likely you will be chosen. It can also take a great deal of the stress and worry away during this time.

Believing you will get the job is often a key factor in whether or not you actually do. These affirmations will help your self belief, confidence, and natural strengths shine through during the interview process, making a job offer inevitable.

Remember, the job interview is your opportunity to impress, and if you use these affirmations seriously you can really get yourself mentally prepared to make a great impression, stay relaxed, and show your best possible self.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am good at job interviews
I am perfectly prepared
My resume is impressive
I am relaxed and calm
I am perfectly qualified for the position
I am confident and friendly
I am a great worker who deserves to get a great job
I communicate clearly
I always give a great first impression
I always smile and speak clearly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will remain calm under pressure
My first impression will be an extremely positive one
I will give a great job interview
I will be chosen for the job
Answering tough questions will be easy for me
I will communicate well with the interviewer
I am starting to look forward to my job interview
I will give my best possible interview
I will go into my interview in a relaxed state of mind
I will be confident and positive throught my interview


Natural Affirmations
Job interviews are easy
I can give a job interview with total confidence
Great communication comes naturally to me
I can easily impress any interviewer
I thrive under intense interview pressure
My talents and abilities are impressive
I am naturally charismatic
My attitude is professional at all times
I truly believe that I deserve the job
I find it easy to be interviewed for a job


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