Jujitsu Positive Affirmations


Reciting these jujitsu affirmations will create a confidence and attentiveness within you that will boost your jujitsu skills exponentially.

One of the main philosophies behind jujitsu is to use your enemy’s attacking energy against them. Therefore, it is imperative for jujitsu fighters to be able to anticipate opponents’ moves and respond appropriately. These affirmations will give you a sense of focus and awareness that will give you an edge in any fight and against any opponent.

Begin preparing your mind to win by practicing these affirmations regularly. The more you apply them, the more mentally and physically strengthened you will become in your jujitsu quest.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am skilled at jujitsu
I am intuitive
I react with lightening speed
I am in tune with my body
I am a great fighter
I always win jujitsu fights
I anticipate my opponents’ moves
I have a strong sense of focus
I am confident in my jujitsu abilities
I am quick to repel an attack


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a jujitsu master
I will practice jujitsu regularly
I will train myself intensely
My jujitsu intuition is developing steadily
I will quicken my reflexes
I am building my confidence daily
Jujitsu feels easier and easier every day
I trust my my intuition during a fight
I am becoming a great jujitsu fighter
I will increase my focus


Natural Affirmations
Others see me as a jujitsu master
I easily redirect the attacking force of my opponent
I love training in jujitsu
Being a jujitsu student is an important part of who I am
My reflexes are fast
I can easily manipulate the force of my opponent
Jujitsu fighting comes feels natural to me
My opponents see me as a jujitsu fighter to be feared
Practicing jujitsu is part of my normal daily routine
My confidence is high

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