Karate Positive Affirmations


Imagine sailing through spars effortlessly, and winning one competition after another while others look on amazed at your confidence and technique. These karate affirmations will enable you to become the karate champion that you’ve always dreamed of.

It takes an incredibly focused mental state combined with agile physical abilities to advance up to a black belt in karate. Training rigorously will help hone agility, while practicing these affirmations will give you a mental edge.

Begin reciting these affirmations today. Before long you will find yourself training more regularly with drive and dedication, while simultaneously building a more focused and clear mind.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am skilled at karate
I already have my black belt
I kick and punch with fierce accuracy
I maintain perfect posture
I always win spars and fights
I am more skilled than my opponents
I am confident
My mind is focused and clear
I always train with passion
I am a karate master


Future Tense Affirmations
I will master karate
I will win spars and fights easily
I will earn my black belt
My technique is improving rapidly
My punches are becoming stronger
I will unleash powerful kicks
My speed and accuracy are continually improving
My concentration is developing steadily
I will stay focused during a fight
Others will recognize me as a karate expert


Natural Affirmations
Karate is easy for me
Karate training is fun
Winning comes easily to me
I love karate, it is my passion
Maintaining proper form feels natural to me
I can punch and kick at lightening quick speeds
My motivation to train is sky high
Karate is the most important thing in my life
It is normal for me to win every fight I’m in
Concentration and focus come naturally to me

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