Wing Chun Positive Affirmations


In order to take your wing chun skills to the next level, you have to be focused, alert, and willing to train extensively. These affirmations will give you the motivation and dedication it takes to become a great wing chun master.

If you struggle to see your wing chun training translate into more dominant, precise actions then you have likely reached a plateau. Now is the perfect time to jumpstart your practice routine with an energized mind and re-engaged level of motivation.

Begin practicing these positive affirmations today to reaffirm your dedication to wing chun and overcome any barriers to achieving wing chun greatness!

Present Tense Affirmations
My body is built for wing chun
I am naturally dominant and assertive
I am dedicated to training
I am focused and alert
My body is firm yet flexible
My body is balanced and strong
I can overcome any opponent
I am accustomed to winning
I am a wing chun master
My muscles are relaxed and ready


Future Tense Affirmations
I will remain commited to win chun training
I will focus intensely
My mind is becoming finely-tuned for wing chun mastery
I am building my confidence every day
I will get the most out of my wing chun training
I will maintain a relaxed yet strong posture
I will become a wing chun master
I am finding myself more naturally balanced and firm
I will train to the best of my ability
I will keep a clear mind


Natural Affirmations
I live for wing chun
I love training in wing chun
Wing chun comes naturally to me
Focusing comes easily to me
Winning feels natural
Others see me as a wing chun master
My mind is clear
My body is naturally balanced and powerful
I have a perfect fighting stance
Adancing in wing chun is my destiny

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